Changing dynamics in water sector call for ‘radical change’

November 29, 2018


The changing landscape in the water sector calls for a move away from raw bulk water infrastructure projects such as building dams that TCTA has historically focused on, says newly-appointed CEO Percy Sechemane (pictured).

“The time of building big dams and other mega projects is nearing an end,” says Mr Sechemane. Smaller, targeted, and strategic initiatives to harvest new water sources can be equally effective.



He adds that TCTA is poised for a greater and more strategic role in the evolving water sector. Governance issues including the absence of delegated functions and a ministerial directive-driven mandate impose limitations that policy-makers must resolve.


Further complicating matters, water management is a concurrent function with the various spheres of government involved in varied aspects of it. The government must find a way to integrate resources to achieve economies of scale, and TCTA can play a lead role in this regard.


“Delivering projects on time, on spec and on budget are some of the capabilities inherent in TCTA,” says Mr Sechemane. “It brings with it rigorous planning capacity needed to reduce wasteful expenditure that often results from poor planning.


“A solid track record of good governance and extensive experience in project finance make TCTA attractive to funders.”


Amid anaemic economic growth in South Africa and the consequent shrinkage in tax receipts, funding projects off-budget through organisation’s such as TCTA is still a practical avenue for rolling critical economic infrastructure the country needs to grow. Gaongalelwe Tiro

He was speaking at the launch of the 2017-18 Annual Report in Sandton in November 2018.

Sechemane told gathered journalists, financiers and government officials that South Africa was close to fully exploiting its potential freshwater resources. This implied limited scope for new mega transfer schemes and dams.

TCTA CEO Percy Sechemane address launch of  2017-18 Annual Report at Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel in Sandton