TCTA is implementing the AMD Project on behalf of DWS in two phases. The first phase, the Short-term Intervention, aimed to reduce the concentration of metals and neutralise AMD. This phase is now complete. The important mileage attained with the Short-term Intervention culminated in TCTA being directed to implement a more sustainable Long-term Solution to the historical challenges of AMD in the region. Upon completion of the implementation of the Short-term Intervention in the Western, Central and Eastern Basins, DWS contracted TCTA for the operation and maintenance of the high density sludge treatment plants.
The second phase, the Long-term Solution, treats the water from the first phase to a potable or industrial water standard for sale to consumers. Implementation of the Long-term Solution will reduce the need for dilution releases from the Vaal Dam and will augment water supplies to the Vaal River System, delaying the need for further augmentation. TCTA has started engagements, on behalf of DWS, with potential off-takers for the treated water. The proceeds from the sale of this water will be used to offset the cost of treatment.
In March 2018, TCTA concluded the award of new operations and maintenance contracts for the Central and Eastern Basin high density sludge treatment plants for the next 30 months. On the Western Basis, Sibanye Gold continues to operate and maintain the Treatment Plant. AMD work presents TCTA with a leadership role in the emerging large-scale desalination industry, which is very important considering the limited potential for further surface water development in South Africa.