Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiatives

Effective stakeholder engagement enables TCTA to develop more informed policies, project plans, programmes and services. This engagement yields benefits for the various parties. For stakeholders, these include opportunities to contribute to policy and programme development and participation in decision-making, where applicable. Interaction further enhances the possibilities of achieving favourable outcomes on matters that need negotiation between the parties. For TCTA, well-thought-out stakeholder engagement strategies, offer an effective platform to unlock obstructions to business success and produce efficient information flow. Furthermore, the engagement also delivers a window for the organisation to tap into local knowledge and to “road test” policy initiatives with stakeholders.

TCTA seeks to contribute to the nation’s water security through cost-effective financing and development of water infrastructure. Management of stakeholder relationships is, therefore,  critical to the execution of the organisational mandate which includes the implementation of its infrastructure projects. To provide a reliable and sustainable service to water users, TCTA creates and maintains relationships with a variety of stakeholder groups. Engaging stakeholders – with diverse experiences, knowledge and perceptions – delivers strong outcomes for the organisation. It enables the organisation to achieve more than it would, working in isolation.