The development of the Spring Grove Dam is a major project. The finished dam will compare in size with Midmar Dam near Howick. Such an undertaking requires an astounding amount of cooperation between the government (local and national), the private sector, and local communities. This page allows the EMC to extend accolades, where they are due, to any person or group making significant contributions to advance the interests of the project.

June 2012 - Blake MacKenzie – Deputy Manager in the KZN Department of Transport - for his invaluable role to the EMC. gHis championing of the introduction of the ASAD traffic control system on the R103 appears to be delivering the sort of deterrent usage of this route by heavy vehicles that the local community have long been seeking.

February 2012 - David Hadebe – The Traffic Safety Officer - for going above and beyond his scope of work in managing the Traffic issues on the project.

January 2012 - Peter Greene – for convening a focus group meeting in January , from the EMC membership to try and break the deadlock over the Traffic EMP.

January 2012 - Katie Fenenga – she has earned everyone’s respect and admiration for the very calm, efficient and measured way in which she handles complaints – some very thorny issues.

November/December 2011 - Mr Ian Felton and Sean O’Beirne for their excellent presentations on the Amazon River Basin and rural Russia. It was educational entertainment at its very best!

October 2011 - Mr Pilani Sikhonsana travels all the way from Greytown to attend EMC meetings as the elected representative of the Affected Communities in the Dam Basin.