The purpose of the EMC is to provide a structure/forum where representative sectors of society (e.g. government, NGOs, private sector, community and civil society organisations) can exchange information and insights with the project authorities and monitor the compliance of the project against specific environmental and social objectives.

Condition 51 of the Environmental Authorisation for the Water Transfer System requires that an EMC must be established by the holder of the Authorisation before commencement of construction activities. The EMC must meet once before the commencement of construction activities (to appoint a chairperson and to discuss the terms of reference); from then on the EMC must sit once every two months or on a quarterly basis (depending on the circumstances and in agreement with the Department of Environmental Affairs.

The functioning of the EMC for the WTS is guided by the Terms of Reference (ToR) or Consitution which is adoped by the members. The ToR was adopted and signed by the EMC Chairperson, Mr David Cook on behalf on the members on 2 July 2014.

Download: EMC for the WTS - ToR

EMC Members

EMC Members come from a variety of backgrounds. Some attend as representatives of constituencies directly affected by the construction of the Water Transfer System, others provide guidance, e.g Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs, whilst others attend as observers representing the imeplementing agent like “WBHO” (construction company) and the “AECOM SA” (engineering and management company).

Condition 51.2 of the Environmental Authorisation states that the EMC must comprise the following representatives:


  • Chairperson;

  • National Environmental Department (Observer);

  • The Holder of the Authorisation;

  • Provincial Environmental Department;

  • Provincial Conservation Authority;

  • Provincial Roads Department;

  • Representative from Gowrie Village and other affected residents/associations;

  • Crane Foundation and Nature Reserve;

  • Non-governmental Organisations;

  • Local Government; and

  • The Environmental Control Officer.

Click on the left tab to see who your representative on the EMC is. If you feel that the nominated representative is not providing you with feedback, please notify the EMC Chairman, Mr David Cook, on:083 447 8990 or [email protected]