The Record of Decision (RoD) of 15 June 2011 (Condition 3.2.4) requires that a suite of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) be prepared for the project.

Each EMP comprises two sections:

Download: Project Description and Environmental Management Philosophy

Download: Approved EMP for the Spring Grove Dam Wall

Download: Approved Traffic Management and Mitigation Plan

Download: Approval of Amendment Application - Traffic Management and Mitigation Plan

Download: Approved EMP for the Mooi River Gauging Weir

Download: Approved EMP for the Mooi River Fish Barrier

Download: Approved EMP for the Mpofana River Gauging Weir

Download: Approved EMP for Search and Rescue

Download: Approved EMP for the Transplantation of red data species found at Inchbrakie Falls to the Reekie Lynn Falls

Download: Approved EMP for the Realignment of roads in the dam basin and Flood Protection of affected sections of the Lower Loteni Road

Download: Approved EMP for the Relocation of people living in the dam basin

Download: Approved EMP for Services Relocation and Decomissioning

Download: Approved EMP for the Rehabilitation of off-site wetlands

Download: Approved EMP for the Establishment of Offset Areas

Download: Approved EMP for Impoundment

As the appeal from the Mziki Homeowners Association was upheld by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, the water transfer scheme is subject to a new environmental authorisation process, EMPs (i) Mpofana River Outfall Works; and (j) Pipeline from Spring Grove to the Mpofana River outfall works including the new break pressure tank on Gowrie Farm will not form part of the suite of EMPs.

  • Project Description and the Environmental Management Philosophy. This section is common to all EMPs, and provides the context for the individual EMP, which is focussed on a specific activity/phase of construction. This section provides the context and described the overall project description and the environmental management philosophy or approach that TCTA has adopted for to ensure efficient and effective environmental management during the implementation of this project.

  • EMP for a specific activity/phase of construction