uMzimvubu Water Project


The overall objective of the project is to provide water for social needs and to contribute to the economic development of the poor and rural north-eastern region of the Eastern Cape Province by leveraging the water resources of the uMzimvubu River catchment to support agriculture, water supply, hydropower, transport and tourism.


In the 2018/19 financial year, the Minister of Water and Sanitation established the uMzimvubu Project Task Team (MPTT), which included TCTA, to resolve the challenges that were hindering progress. The objective being to refocus the project under a new implementation model with funding from the fiscus.


The MPTT developed a new implementation model which model maximises the use of state institutions and resources in the form of TCTA, DWS Infrastructure Development Branch and DWS Construction Unit. It also promotes the socio-economic transformation and state institutional capacity by prototyping a template for accessing private sector expertise and partnerships while retaining state control. The implementation model was approved by the Minister and was adopted for the project.


The MPTT recommended the project to be implemented in stages and on 16 January 2019, TCTA received a revised directive to provide project management and advisory services for Stage 1 of the uMzimvubu Water Project comprising the access roads and other advanced infrastructure.


As part of initiating the implementation of Stage 1, the TCTA Board Chairperson and Management supported the Minister of Water and Sanitation with stakeholder engagements, which mainly involved traditional leaders and communities in the project.


Progression on the project is dependent on DWS allocating sufficient funds in 2019/20.