It is a widely held truism that entrepreneurship is key to employment creation and economic prosperity. TCTA recognises this reality and to do its bit has launched the Youth Entrepreneurship Development (YED) programme. Gone are the days when getting an academic qualification and going into wage employment was the most alluring career option for young people. The dearth of jobs, even for graduates, and the higher potential rewards of entrepreneurship are some factors behind the growing change.

The YED programme is in the form of a competition that aims to identify young people with the potential to run their own businesses and have a passion for entrepreneurship. It involves the entrants submitting business plans, which a diverse TCTA team would adjudicate. The individual with a plan adjudged the best will walk away with a prize that includes financial support to enrol for an accredited entrepreneurship or business management course. Besides, the prize will be deployed to fund operational and capital costs.

Published On: April 11th, 2023 / Categories: CSI /

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