The Mooi-Mgeni Transfer Scheme – Phase 1 (MMTS-1) comprises the Mearns Dam/Weir, a pump station and pipeline, which has recently been refurbished. MMTS-1 can transfer at a design capacity of 3.2m3/s to the Mpofana River

The Mooi-Mgeni Transfer Scheme – Phase 2 (MMTS-2) comprises mainly the Spring Grove Dam and, pump station and pipeline. MMTS-2 can transfer at a design capacity of 4.5 m3/s to the same discharge point as above.

Both MMTS-1 and MMTS-2 pump water into the same Break Pressure Tank at Gowrie Village. From there the water flows through the pipelines to the Mpofana River and ultimately into Midmar Dam.

There are communication/control systems installed at various components for example, Break Pressure Tank, discharge point/works and the Mpofana River Gauging Weir. Should there be a failure in communication between any, or all of the system components, then the pump station will shut down automatically to prevent overflow from the Break Pressure Tank. Please note, however, the Break Pressure Tank overflow pipeline is designed to discharge the maximum capacity of 4.5 m3/s.

Both schemes will be operated to transfer a maximum of 4.5 m3/s, including the flow in the Mpofana River. The schemes will also be operated in a manner that fulfils the requirements for the Environment and downstream users.