Glasses of Water



The Board provides leadership and strategic oversight. It further ensures adequate internal controls, and adherence to sound corporate governance and accountability in line with King IV Report on Corporate Governance and the Board Charter. The legislated Executive Authority, which is the Minister of Water and Sanitation, appoints its members. TCTA has a unitary Board, implying that its members make decisions through consensus. They have the authority to exercise all powers and perform any of the functions of the organisation, except to the extent that the Notice of Establishment, Public Finance Management Act and Shareholder Compact direct otherwise. A critical board function entails the approval of a business and funding model that is sustainable and viable for TCTA and is in the best interests of the Shareholder and the public.

Meet The Board

Gerald Dumas

Board Chairperson

Chairperson: Nominations & Governance Committee

Member: Technical Committee

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Maemili Ramataboe

Deputy Chairperson


Chairperson: Audit & Risk

Member: Board, Technical and Nomination & Governance

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Gregory White

Chairperson: Human Capital Social & Ethics

Member: Board, Finance and Nominations & Governance


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Satish Roopa

Member: Board, Audit & Risk, Finance and Human Capital Social & Ethics

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Norman Tinyiko Baloyi

Chairperson: Finance

Member: Board, Audit & Risk and Nominations & Governance

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Mollale Maponya

Member: Board, Audit & Risk and Human Capital Social & Ethics

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Simphiwe Khondlo

Chairperson: Technical

Member: Board, Finance and Nominations & Governance

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Lindelwa Dlamini

Member: Board, Human Capital Social & Ethics and Technical

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