Phase 5: Integrated Management, Zoning and Institutionalisation

The purpose of this stage is to evaluate the information gathered during the preceding stages of the RMP development process in order to ascertain what can the dam and state land be used for based on the specific constraints and parameters of the various input factors.

The RMP considers the following:

  • Constraints based on the biophysical, cultural, socio-economic and user needs and expectations;

  • Development potential and requirements;

  • Site planning and zonation;

  • Programmes and plans to unlock the potential of the water resource; and

  • Institutional options and the legal aspects.

Site-specific master planning and zoning was undertaken based on the results of the Encumbrance Survey and Research/Information Generation.

An Environmental Characteristics Opportunity Spectrum (ECHOS) master plan forms part of the RMP, and includes the following overlays and the appropriate operational and management guidelines incorporated into the relevant Key Performance Areas:

  • Landscape characteristics;

  • Access (persons, permissions etc.);

  • Utilisation (mode, activities, intensities, limitations etc.);

  • Development (facilities and infrastructure); and

  • Functional Management Areas.

The RMP also establishes an institutional structure for managing the specific environmental resources in an acceptable manner, which includes representation from all the stakeholders. The institutional plan investigates the various management options, financing of the organisation and the specific management protocols which must be accepted.

Download: Draft Resource Management Plan

Note - to enable quicker downloading, the draft report has been split up in to smaller documents; not bigger than 2MB.

Download: Draft RMP Section 1

Download: Draft RMP Section 2

Download: Draft RMP Section 3

Download: Draft RMP Section 4

Download: Draft RMP Section 5

The RMP culminates with the development of Business Plans that support achieving the objectives of the plan in a practical and organised manner. The Business Plans will include Key Performance Indicators to measure the successful implementation and overall performance of the RMP.

Download: Draft Business Plan

Please note that the comment period for Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) closed on 24 September 2014.

The draft RMP and Business Plan will now be finalised and submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) for review, acceptance and gazetting by the Minister.