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Employment Volunteerism Initiatives (EVI)​ 


The Employment Volunteerism Initiative (EVI) was launched by the CEO on 2nd June 2011.  The purpose of EVI is to identify underprivileged people in the community and support them. 


One of the initiatives undertaken was to assist the Leamogetswe Safety Home by painting three rooms.​

Implementation of the BWP Sustainable Utilization Plan​


The Sustainable Utilization Plan (SUP) of the Berg Water Project is underway and various role players and stakeholders are still involved.  A local non-governmental organization Community Development Research Association (CDRA) has been retained, on a donation basis, to project manage the implementation and coordination of this intervention.  A steering committee and two work streams dealing with agriculture and tourism have been established 

Transfer Agreement: La Motte Village in Franschoek​


On the 29th August 2008, the Stellenbosch Local Municipality entered into a Transfer Agreement with TCTA regarding the disposal of the 80 houses at La Motte village in Franschoek.

Metsi Bophelo Borehole Project (MBBP)

In February 2011, TCTA was appointed by the Department of Water Affairs to be Implementing Agent for the implementation of the Metsi Bophelo Borehole Project. The Metsi Bophelo Borehole Project is a partnership initiative involving both DWA and TCTA. The project’s aim is to make clean drinking water accessible to poor rural communities in a sustainable manner, with a broader goal to improve the communities’ health and livelihoods.​ The primary objective of the Metsi Bophelo Borehole Project is to provide sustainable and safe drinking water to selected communities which,​at this stage, do not have the privilege to such an essential resource​.​

Pietersdal Office Complex Donation


During the construction of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, TCTA constructed an office complex in Pietersdal, Clarens to accommodate the employees working for the project.  At the end of the project, TCTA had to dispose (mostly as donations) buildings and other items in the eastern Free State area, particularly in Clarens.  The Pietersdal office complex was one of them.


The office block was donated as an unregistered and unsurveyed portion estimated to be about 2, 5 hectares of subdivision 1 of the Farm Pietersdal 1207.  The building is situated in the District of Bethlehem in the Free State.  Up until May 2009, it was registered in the asset books of TCTA.


However, after a lengthy process of negotiations, the building was transferred, as a donation, to the Public Works and Rural Development department of the Free State Provincial Government on the 25th May 2009.

The Hon. Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs attended the office block handover

Ablution Facilities for Sakhisizwe Creche, Mamello in Vaal Marina​


The Sakhisizwe Creche in Mamello near Vaal Marina was sponsored by TCTA during the construction phase of VRESAP with a number of items.  However, the centre was not registered by the Department of Social Development because of the absence of ablution facilities as one of the necessary conditions.  Therefore, the centre approached TCTA with a view to get assistance in this regard.  A team was sent to the centre to make assessment and compile a report. Based on the recommendation of the assessment, a set of ablution facilities was delivered to the centre as a contribution to assist them to meet the conditions set by the Department of Social Development.  This gesture was welcomed with cheerful appreciation by all the concerned parties.

The Bell’s Lodge​ 

La Motte Village houses, Franschoek

The primary objective of the Metsi Bophelo Borehole Project is to provide sustainable and safe drinking water to selected communities which,​at this stage, do not have the privilege to such an essential resource​.

Gumboots Donation in Mohale Village, Kingdom of Lesotho


In December 2010, TCTA in partnership with BHP Billiton donated fifty pairs of pre-owned gumboots to the destitute families in the village of Mohale in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.  All the recipients were directly affected by the construction of the LHWP 1.​

Metropolitan Oliver Empowerment Awards​


​​Empowerment is one of the key elements for TCTA’s achievements.  This point was showcased when TCTA was a finalist in the 10thAnnual Metropolitan Oliver Empowerment Awards which took place at the Sandton Convention Centre, Gauteng on 24 March 2011. TCTA was a runner up in two categories, firstly, Top Empowered Government Agency, which had other finalist such as ABSA Group Limited, KPMG, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Netcare, Maponya Inc, etc.


Another category in which TCTA made the finalists list was for Top Black Public Sector Executive.  In this category, the CEO, Mr James Ndlovu was a finalist with three of his counterparts in the name of Dr Linda Makuleni from the South African Weather Services, as well as Mr Mike Kgobe from Denel Aviation, who walked away with the award.

Stationery Donations at Moriting Wa Thuto Secondary School, Khubetswana (Clarens)


Moriting wa Thuto Secondary is a disadvantaged school Khubetswana, Clarens and a host to learners in grades 8 to 12. TCTA’s prior engagement with the school took place during the handover of the Pietersdal Office complex in August 2010, where their school choir was invited to render an item on the day.  The school has a total of 340 pupils from disadvantaged communities.


As part of TCTA’s Transformation and Sustainability initiatives, the school was sponsored with, among others, two laptops, library material and a printer.  The above mentioned were identified by the TCTA team as items that would assist in enhancing the learning environment of the pupils.


The following items were donated:

  • Files and A4 Magazine Files

  • School bags and stationary items

  • Journals and various books 

  • Two laptop computers and a printer

Food Parcels Donation in Charl CilliersThe Siyanakekela


Community Dropping Centre in Charl Cilliers is a facility that looks after the children of farm workers.  It serves as a free after-care service for the farm working community of Charl Cilliers.  It was established and is currently run by a volunteer parent who witnessed the hardships school kids went through because their parents were still at work.  Therefore, she volunteered to look after the school kids.  It goes without saying that she needs support, especially food.


TCTA staff generously donated food which was donated to this centre in December 2010 and the response was heart-warming.

Schools Outreach Strategy Interventions: Career Coaching and Mentoring​


Most leaners view career choice as something to deal with after finishing matric or Grade 12. As a result, many of them fail to study further; only to join the ranks of the uninspired and unemployed. As a result, TCTA initiated an intervention at Moriting wa Thuto Secondary school in Khubetswana township.  The Career coaching and mentoring initiative intend to introduce interventions that to assist learners in choosing careers of choice. The intervention commenced with an afternoon hands-on workshop with Grade 12 learners.

Project Naledi - Bursary Scheme​


The Bursary scheme has witnessed the graduation of 3 students in 2010 and their absorption into the staff complement of TCTA in April 2011 for a period of 2 years as Interns.


Vacation Work


A vacation work intervention was initiated to provide the students with experiential learning to complement their academic development.  The students were placed in various divisions of the organisation to gain workplace experience.  The intervention went reasonably well and was well received by the organisation.  Going forward, it will be conducted on a yearly basis – June/July and Dec/January.


Mentorship Programme


The 2010/2011 financial year witnessed the introduction of a formalised Mentorship programme for the students and the Interns in order to enhance their career ambitions and integration into the workplace.  The students were placed with their mentors during the experiential learning period and the Interns with their direct supervisors.  The programme is currently running smoothly and good feedback has been received.​

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