Our products and services are in alignment with the functions set out in Section 102 of the National Water Act.


To fulfil the responsibilities set out in the Notice of Establishment and the directives that are given to it from time to time by the Minister, TCTA provides the following services and associated products:


Structuring and raising project finance


Project Management and implementation of water infrastructure covering - design, construction, environmental compliance and land acquisition


Operation and Maintenance


Debt management


Knowledge Management


Risk Management


Socio-Economic Transformation


Tariff Setting


The business model through which TCTA renders services, receives revenue and allocates business risk, is schematically displayed in figure below. It has remained largely unchanged since the organization’s inception more than 30 years ago. TCTA responds to Ministerial directives to implement mainly off-budget national water infrastructure by progressing projects to a state of bankability and securing finance, followed by the procurement of design and construction services. Lenders can draw comfort from the undertaking by government to assume TCTA’s obligations to funders, if it is unable to do so, in terms of project income/implementation agreements. Loans are typically repaid over 20 years.  



In delivering on its mandate and the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation’s directives, the organization continuously ensures that it strongly contributes to the developmental priorities of the government, as reflected below:


Outcome: 04

Decent employment through inclusive economic growth

tcta contribution

Providing cost-effective water infrastructure as an enabler of economic growth and jobs.

outcome: 05

Skilled and capable workforce.

tcta contribution

  • Developing a strong skills-set in scarce fields, thereby enabling SA to compete in world markets.  

  • Promoting entrepreneurship in small businesses

outcome: 06

Efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network.

tcta contribution

Ensuring a comprehensive financial and implementation package that delivers the most cost-effective solution

outcome: 07

Vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities with food security for all.

tcta contribution

Supporting other water sector institutions to enable them to deliver on their mandate

outcome: 08

Sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life

tcta contribution

Providing affordable infrastructure and improved access to basic services.

outcome: 09

A responsive, accountable, effective and efficient local government system.

tcta contribution

Supporting other water sector institutions to enable them to deliver on their mandate

outcome: 10

Environmental assets and natural resources that are well protected and continually enhanced.

tcta contribution

Developing infrastructure in an environmentally responsible and socially inclusive manner, in accordance with global best practice

outcome: 12

An efficient, effective and development-orientated public service. employment through inclusive economic growth

tcta contribution

Contributing to the development of critical knowledge in the sector and beyond (e.g. project financing and implementation, desalination, water reuse)