Social Impact Objectives


Social Responsibility:


Ethical values are applied in identifying what is good and right for TCTA, its stakeholders and society. These values are reflected in the decisions, conduct, and relationships of TCTA and its representatives. In so doing, TCTA maintains a social license to operate that enables effective consultation, meaningful impact reduction and supports the implementation of Community Development Projects that achieve positive legacy outcomes.


Livelihoods and Resettlement:


TCTA respects the value of social stability, productivity, and livelihoods to the individuals and communities affected by the organization’s operations and projects. Balancing the needs, expectations, interests of society, the organization’s material stakeholders and itself, TCTA in its acquisition of land and land rights required for project implementation, seeks to avoid and where unavoidable minimize relocation and livelihood impacts, seeking opportunities to maintain or better the livelihoods of impacted parties.




Transformation is achieved through training, internships, and enterprise development programmes, preferential procurement practices and the creation of employment opportunities. This is in line with the government’s transformation agenda and contributes towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically for the promotion of gender equality, a creation of decent work and sustained economic growth.