Socio-economic Transformation

As an implementer and manager of mega water infrastructure projects in South Africa, TCTA seeks to leverage its resources to strengthen the impact of its work on general and economic development. Socio-economic transformation is an important objective on the agenda of the Republic of South Africa. The government expects all the state-owned enterprises to play a role in alleviating poverty and creating jobs and other economic opportunities, especially for the previously disadvantaged communities. It is in this context that TCTA pays particular attention to the impact the organisation makes in respect of the following key variables:

  • Job creation;
  • Preferential Procurement;
  • Skills Development; and
  • Enterprise Development.

TCTA further endeavours to ensure that the identified variables are amplified in its infrastructure development projects for the benefit of the host communities. It promotes the use of locally available skills, materials, resources and through the development of local capacity in line with the transformation goals on procurement of goods and services. With a keen focus on creating a lasting impact on its projects’ host communities, TCTA – independently or in collaboration with stakeholders implements varied Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) programmes.

TCTA’s SED and CSI programmes are part of a transformation strategy that aims to uplift the poor and provide a better life for all. During the project implementation phase, legacy community development interventions are identified and implemented taking into consideration the municipalities’ integrated developmental plans and in consultation with local communities. Outside the benefits that directly flow from projects, TCTA has over the years invested in time and resources in the fields of education and skills development. It has, for instance, consistently participated in career exhibitions aimed at the disadvantaged communities, notably the “Rural2Rural’’ roadshows, as part of its SED programme.

Rural2Rural targets rural, disadvantaged communities with career awareness exhibitions. Through its involvement in this initiative TCTA, together with its partners, encourages high-school learners to make informed career choices and raises their awareness of professions in critical sectors with skills shortages. In the same vein, the organisation plans to undertake a programme through which it will sponsor unemployed, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to enrol for a University of South Africa SMME Management course.

Under the CSI programme, TCTA supports various charitable causes through sponsorships and donations to charitable organisations working in the organisation’s target communities. These have comprised, among other things, food parcels, sanitary pads, stationery and shoes. The organisation further routinely mobilised its staff to take part in charity work such as on the annual Nelson Mandela Day in July of every year.

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