TCTA upholds the citizens’ constitutional right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being. We believe in protecting the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. In pursuit of this commitment, the Authority acknowledges that all elements of its operations affect the environment and its inhabitants to varying degrees. Furthermore, we recognise that achieving our deliverables and the continued health and well-being of the social and natural environment are interdependent.

TCTA views the environment to be:

a) the natural environment, consisting of biotic and abiotic structures and resources that society consumes, transforms, pollutes and disposes of; and

b) the social environment, comprising individuals, communities and livelihoods.

The Authority targets good corporate governance in its interactions with every facet of the environment. This approach forms the basis of our environmental management system, developed to support the continued improvement of our practices.

TCTA’s Overarching Environmental Objectives

Responsible Corporate Citizenship:

TCTA exercises sound corporate citizenship through compliance with all the relevant legal and regulatory requirements for protecting the environment. Furthermore, it adheres to industry standards and best practice. TCTA is very much alive to its responsibilities towards society and the environment; hence we align our strategic objectives with the government’s sustainable development programmes.

Integrated Environmental Management:

To mitigate risks, the Authority applies an integrated and collaborative approach to the identification, management and control of activities that may negatively impact the environment, stakeholders and the economy.

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