The construction of the MMTS-2 Water Transfer System includes the following components:

  • The Spring Grove Dam Pumping Station (at the Spring Grove Dam site);

  • A Rising Main (approx. 1600mm diameter pipeline) from the pumping station to the Break Pressure Tank at Gowrie Village;

  • A new Break Pressure Tank at Gowrie Village;

  • The Gravity Main (approx. 900mm diameter pipeline) from the Break Pressure Tank to the outfall at the Mpofana River; and

  • A new outfall works on the Mpofana River.


A positive Environmental Authorisation (EA) issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in August 2013


Download: Environmental Authorisation


The EA was subsequently amended in November 2013.


Download: Amended Environmental Authorisation


WBHO Construction has been awarded the construction of the Water Transfer System contract. Construction commenced at the end of January 2014. The contract duration is approximately two years. Construction of the pipeline will begin at the Mpofana River Outfall and work towards the Spring Grove Dam. The construction of the pump station will be concurrent. The existing temporary office facilities at the Spring Grove Dam site will be utilized by WBHO. This site will also be used for the establishment of other facilities and storage of materials required for construction.




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